Liz’s manager inherit her wealth?

Elizabeth Taylor, who hated being called Liz, and insisted that even her near and dear ones call her Dame Elizabeth, indeed lived a tough life – filled with pain and suffering – in the last decade of her lifetime.

She had her idiosyncrasies, and one of them was to be served by young, handsome gay men. The men who took her out for walks in the park were homosexuals, and so were her personal assistant – Tim Mendelson, hairdresser – Jose Eber and manager Jason Winters. The last is touted to have shared a great camaraderie with Dame Elizabeth, so much so, that people, including her own children, are expecting that he will inherit her millions.

The Daily Mail reported: ‘Tim and Jason were devoted to her, completely devoted. They made her laugh every day.’ Jason Winters, her personal manager is one who stuck with her through thick and thin, and the two shared such an envious camaraderie that people speculated that Winters, 28 years younger than her, could eventually be her eighth husband, and nobody would be surprised! Known to care too much for each other, close friends said that they enjoyed each others company and that Winters was openly and cent percent homosexual.

The Daily Mail further reported that Jason Winters could well inherit her cash (amounting to £360 million approx.), and this will be taken care of through his work towards the cause of AIDS, an initiative via which Taylor and Winters met. Her four children, too, don’t think the idea of Winters inheriting a substantial amount to be too far-fetched.

Liz Taylor’s will is to be read out sometime next week.


Source : The Times of India

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