Toyota’s Plug-in Cars

Toyota is bringing new generation hybrid Plug-in Cars.  The car is expected to launch in 2012.  It is Prius Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle (Prius PHV). Based on the 3rd generation Prius, Prius PHV combines the proven practicality of Hybrid Synergy Drive with compact, lightweight lithium-ion batteries to extend its fully electricdriving range.

The electric drivingPrius PHV is the best of both worlds: electric-only driving for a maximum of approximately 13 miles, plus an anticipated 50 MPG-rated hybrid driving that totally eliminates range anxiety, full recharging from a standard 110V household electric outlet in only 3 hours, the proven reliability of Prius HSD (Hybrid Synergy Drive®).

The price hasn’t been set yet.  So wait for the Toyota’s next surprise.

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