Oily skin: This is the best cream for an oily complexion

Anyone who has ever dealt with acne, blackheads or pimples knows exactly how annoying and stressful this condition can be. You drink enough water, eat a healthy diet and try to avoid stress through sport and meditation. Even if we are of the firm opinion that beauty and self-confidence come from within, we notice that the second connected with smooth and pure skin. 

Those who usually tend to have oily skin owe this to increased activity of the sebaceous glands. But also diseases, hormones or certain drugs can cause a fatty layer on the surface. A dermatologically tested cream reduces the formation of new sebum and costs 23 Euros.

This cream is perfect for oily skin

Having to fight with impure skin requires a lot of time and patience. Many people desperately spend vast amounts of money on skincare products and treatments that promise skin improvement, but do the exact opposite or sometimes do nothing at all. It needs some time for the skin to get used to with the new products. It can often take between one and three months before a difference to see. If you use products that dry the skin out a lot, the sebum production will increase even more, which has the opposite effect. 

We have now come across a cream that is affordable and has also been tested by dermatologists. This miracle product is Sebamed’s mattifying cream for impure skin, which costs only about 23 Euros and can buy at Amazon. It is a medical-grade skincare product precisely for the needs of oily and impure skin.

Therefore it is the best cream for impurities, pimples and Co.

Regular use of this cream regulates the sebum production in the oily areas of the skin. The ingredients have a calming effect on the skin and soothe irritations so the complexion becomes matt and less oily. The pH value of 5.5 stabilises the natural protective mantle of our skin and protects it from pimple-causing bacteria. Healthy and pure skin also needs a lot of moisture and that ensured by ingredients aloe vera and hyaluronic acid in the cream. 

The skincare product helps to prevent new impurities so that the skin looks healthier and better care. My wife uses the cream every day, and my skin texture is visibly improving. The cream does not cause any skin irritation, and my sensitive skin tolerates it well. The contents of the tube last for a long time because you don’t need to apply much.

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