Past Five Decades Fashion

The past five decades fashion trends young people have made popular.


Poodle skirts, Peter pan collared shirts,  Saddle Shoes, Cat’s Eye glasses, Hawaiian shirts, Letterman jackets, White Tshirts, Blue Jeans (deep cuffs), Beatniks (all black), Circle skirts


Miniskirts, Go-go boots, Pill box hats, Hotpants, Shift dress, Baby doll dress, 3/4 length sleeves, Tie-dye, Nehru Jackets


Track suits, Mood rings, Earth shoes, Bell-bottoms, Platform shoes, Leisure suits, Disco/glam rock, Printed nylon or polyester shirts, Corduroy


Polo shirts, Designer jeans, Flashdance: leg-warmers, ripped sweatshirts, Parachute pants, Acid-wash jeans, Big shoulder pads,  Punk


Grunge, Long, straight hair parted down the middle, Power bead bracelets, Pashminas, Tattoos, Ghetto fabulous, Minimalistic designs

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