Why I fail dieting? The real truth revealed

Have you ever wondered that you’ve done every single thing you can think of and didn’t loose a single pound? I know you did. Once I was in your shoes; so I know how it felt. The look on other peoples eyes pointing the only thing you hate the most. It’s your life long dream to look like a model and you craved for this for a long time. But the truth is no matter how crash diet you do and how you starve yourself to death; the extra fat is not going any where soon. It’s not your fault and you didn’t do anything wrong. The only thing is stopping you from a sleek slim look is the process you are following.

If you are looking for some magic that could make you slim and thin in a month or two then you are dreaming. It’s not that simple, you gained that fat slowly so it’s obvious that you will loose slowly. But hey don’t panic its not that hard too, all you have to do is some simple adjustments.
In order to loose fat you need to learn first why you are not able to loose that fat. The inside story is; you are doing everything in your power to loose some weight but you are doing it in the wrong way always. Your body developed a metabolism system and that is some thing very important to understand. Your body has a prevention system, with that system it resists you to slow or fastening the metabolism rate. Once you start crash dieting it is also matching with it and let the body use less calories. This way you will fail and will get back to your regular diet. So when you give up then the system restores the lost fat again quickly and secures it self. Now you are thinking if this is the story then it is impossible to loose weight. Nope, there is many ways that you could successfully cheat the system and gain success.

How to loose weight and not gain again

Eat early in the morning: To loose weight you have to eat early in the morning or early when you wake up (for night walkers). After a long fresh sleep you will need to eat early most likely with in half an hour. This way the metabolism will never feel it needs to store some thing for the future and let you eat as you want.

Eat healthy breakfast: If you can make a habit to eat protein and healthy fat for breakfast then it prevents you from eating some junk food at your work.

Eat six times a day: In order to avoid extreme hunger at the time of diet one should eat more in fractions rather than a huge fat meal. This way you will be able to cheat the metabolism system and it will not let you feel hungry all the time. But don’t eat junk foods six times a day.
Don’t go to bed with a full stomach: You need to let your stomach work and give it some breathing space. So what ever you do you do not go to bed with a heavy stomach. When we sleep our metabolism slows down and thus stores this as fat for future use.

With these simple tips and a bit of exercise you will definitely win and get the desired figure you always wanted. In the next article I will try to give you a complete diet plan to follow. Don’t forget to come back. Feel free to share your knowledge with us. Just simply leave a comment and I will personally get back to you.

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