The magnificent Dubai

If you are looking for an exquisite holiday destination then you’ve got the right choice. Dubai is the most attractive and amazing destination for holidays. So, if you want to find out everything about Dubai then you’ve just got lucky. In this short space, you will be able to learn every major important thing you need to know about Dubai.

Dubai is the fastest booming city in the entire world. The race is so fast that the whole world seems to be standing steel in comparison to Dubai. So doesn’t matter how many times you visit Dubai, it is still new to everyone. Dubai’s skyline changes so fast that the difference could be noticed even from the sky. Dubai lies by the Persian Gulf; a magnificent breathtaking deep greenish view enriches Dubai’s appeal to its visitors even more.
Dubai promises its visitors the ultimate fun holiday experience. They ensure that while in Dubai they will experience the best time in their life. That’s a big promise to make, but when it’s Dubai it’s possible.

Dubai has invested a lot from the oil revenue they earn to established a new source of income for the country. They have focused in tourism the most and no doubt, they have succeeded to do so. They have made Dubai the most attractive tourist destination right now. It has made so many wonders that no one can deny them anymore. From Americans to Indians and even Africans are also flying in to check out the new Dubai and enjoys its hospitality.

Dubai has so much to offer that anyone could be lost and it’s a very difficult job to determine where to go and where not to. You need to make a plan for yourself to cover the most and the must go destination in Dubai. Your time is limited but Dubai has unlimited to offer, so here’s a list of must visit in Dubai to make it simple for you to decide. When in Dubai you must visit these amazing places.

First, The Palm Jumeirah Islands are the most amazing man-made wonders in the world and considered to the new wonder of the world. This creation is so big that it is visible from the space and it has changed the view of the world map. You wouldn’t miss it for anything.
Second, The Burj Khalifa is the tallest tower in the world and another architectural marvel. It is the pride of Dubai; the tower is 828 meters (2716.5 feet) tall and holds the tallest tower record of the world. This has the highest outdoor observation deck in the world. So it should be on everyone’s list.

Third, Dubai underwater hotel is another man-made marvel in the history of the world and unique in its kind. This hotel considers being the biggest hotel under water spreading over 260 hectors area. The hotel is so amazing that everybody wants to get in there. This hotel is under twenty feet open water and made of glass to give the ultimate sea life experience. This is a must see in Dubai.
Fourth, The World Islands in Dubai is another man-made marvel and another engineering wonder. The artificially built islands are floating in the deep sea in the shape of the world map. This is another experience of the life through the recent incident shows that the islands are sinking into the ocean, so if you want to see it with your eyes you should hurry.

Fifth, The Dubai Mall is the ultimate destination for shopaholics. This considers to the biggest mall in the world and offers the most spacious variety in shopping. The mall holds the world’s biggest aquarium. Here shopping is an experience itself and the vast range of choices makes it unforgettable.

Wait that’s not all, Dubai has many more to offer like the museum, the movie theatres, mega shopping malls, opera, the most expensive hotel like Burj al Arab and many more.

For food and cuisine, Dubai has another wide range of choices to offer. From traditional Arab to Mexican, Chinese, Indian, African, Continental etc; you name it. Every major international food chain is available in Dubai so what’s your choice you have it.
The weather in Dubai is a bit extreme. The desert weather and heat is normal, it rains rarely in Dubai. But Dubai enjoys sunny bright weather almost every single day. Humidity level is a bit high in this region and the average temperature is around 40 degree in the summer.
Now that you know almost everything about Dubai I must warn you a few things to be careful about in Dubai. Dubai is a very restricted country when it comes to drugs and prostitution, so be careful about those things. Try to obey the local laws and you will be fine. Finding a good deal in a hotel should be a good idea and should look in the net for the best deals in Dubai. I found a good deal with these guys you may check it out.

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