The easy not to starve diet plan

The heading says it all, as I promised the previous week I am going to give you the very simple diet plan that will work. If you’ve missed it by any chance I suggest you read it here.

For the follow up subscribed readers, this is not a crash starve to death diet plan which fails miserably. This program works a one hundred percent, I assure you once again. But the best part this is not keeping you away from your favourite foods and allows you to enjoy eating.
Why is this different?

The most diet guru tells you to quite everything you love and gives you some undoable superhuman tasks. This ultimately fails and encourages you to blame your self. But with me, as I am not a guru or something the secret! Diet it is very much successful and rather enjoyable.
So if it’s your story; then feel free to join us in this totally free program. Yes, you heard me right; it’s totally free and easy to follow. Let’s start the program without any more delays.

The-six-meal-a-day-diet plan.

Yes to cheat the self-secured metabolism of our body we need to give it an illusion that we are eating enough and not starving our selves. This will allow us to increase our metabolism and eventually losing some extra pounds.

So what we are going to eat in these six meals is a question prompting out in your mind. The answer is very simple and amazingly effective.
Avoid sugar and eat healthy carbs. The prime secret weapon in this plan is as simple as this. If you avoid your enemy sugar and eat good fat like organic vegetable fat is going to help you lose the extra pounds.
We need carbs for functioning our body properly. Organic green vegetables are the most effective and best source for losing weight. But don’t eat a lot; try to minimize the amount gradually.
Avoid fast and junk food and oily food as well. With eating six times a day is not going to make you all hungry and crave for the snacks you eat at your work. This helps you to lose fat significantly fast.
Try to take the stairs instead of lifts where ever you can and try to walk as much as you can. This is going to make you healthier.
15 minutes a day cardiovascular exercise is another important thing to loose weight fast. If you are not burning enough fat then you are not losing any fat. It’s that simple.
Also, make a note that you have to avoid things like bottled sauce and Ajinomoto or tasting salt. These things are not good for you and don’t allow you to loose weight.
Another secret is, don’t drink soda or energy drinks regularly instead drink plain water and make it a habit. Try not to eat any supplementary food at all, this gains you fat. Think about all the unnecessary chemicals they use to make these foods. These extra and unnecessary chemicals are not letting you lose the desired extra pounds as our body stores that as fat and don’t let them burn. So always try to avoid them.
Follow my previous instructions and the current one then you will be on your way to lose at least 10 lbs per month. Don’t try to make this any faster because if you lose the weight slowly there’s might be a strong possibility that you are not getting it again.

This is the most important thing not gaining the weight again as if it should be permanent. Make it a habit and you are safe for the rest of your life. That’s all for today. Happy Dieting.

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