Men in shoe fashion 2011

Men in the fashion equal to a disaster theory. Most men don’t care about fashion at all. Men look for comforts rather than fashion in the shoe. But now a day they are also looking for ways to groom themselves. Now they go for comfort and fashion together, so it’s obvious that they look for fashion trends whether it’s cell-phone or jeans or shoes. With too many campaigns around too many choices, it’s very difficult to choose what to go for. This is 2011 and spring is almost over, summer knocking the door it’s time to look for what’s new this season. That’s why I took some time and did a little research myself. Then I thought to share with everyone so that my invested time makes some good for others. Fashion is a vast space to cover in such limited space looked like impossible. So I broke it up in pieces and decided to go with shoes first, cause they are my most favourite part in dressing.

When in shoes men have a wide range to choose from. Actually range so wide that makes it even harder to make the right choice. Hence everyone has a limit in their budget, making the right choice is the most important thing. So, we have to follow a step by step analysis of the sections that need to be taken care of. What will be the steps? And why on earth anyone will look for a step by step analysis for men shoe fashion? Well, the answer is one should identify their need before they fulfil it. Now not making it any more boring let’s jump to the topic directly.

A man needs at least three kinds of the shoe to go by the parts of their daily life. Those are

  1. Dress shoes: Oxford/Balmorals, Loafers, Derby
  2. Casual shoes: Slip-on, Suede loafers, Lace type of casual shoes, Sandals
  3. Sports shoes: Sneakers, Converse

These are the type of shoes that a man put on in everyday life. Now with this knowledge, we know what kind of shoes we should select for us.
Now let’s talk about this 2011 summer fashion trend for men shoe. This year’s theme has been inspired by the early nineties. We will find the influence of 90’s in fashion and it will be light and bright at the same time. White and Pastels is the colour of summer 2011. In shoes, Sneakers are coming back again. Suede shoes did not do well in the previous year but in 2011 this has made its place already. And Suede shoes are my most favourite for their elegant look and comfort. With the right combination, they are the best. And with Elvis Presley, The god of rock n roll wearing them in his concert makes it more irresistible.

Boat shoes are making a come back this year. So this would be another great choice to be on the advanced level of fashion trend. Sandals like Gladiator sandals in fashion in 2011, another great choice for comfort lovers. Hence summer means shorts and sleeveless Gladiator sandals could be a good one.

As Justin Bieber seen on his recent Europe tour with the sneakers means checks and stripes are still a very good catch. And don’t forget that the All Star Converse is still the leader in its own place in hip-hop and teens.
As for the go-green eco-friendly guys, 2011 brought back the 80’s most favourite Espadrille. Hundred percent green and recyclable product, produced from natural jute and rubber. And most amazingly it’s in trend hot fashionable shoes for more comfort and satisfaction. This is definitely taking its place for a long run.

And at last but not least Jordan’s remains in style, 2011.

Now it’s time to explore our options of marketplaces for good deals in quality and taste and exceptions. With a wealthy wallet and great taste, it’s obvious to go with the market leaders. Designers special is always the best catch. But with so many new rising stars in the industry, it’s very difficult to make a good choice in the first place. So for me, I like to stick with the old and more established ones like Gucci, CK, Armani, GQ, Ralph Lauren, Diesel, Hugo Boss, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Addidas etc.. the least goes on and on. But for guys with a tight budget, a lot more choices are still available. Especially when the Chinese manufacturers are around it’s not a difficult job to find a look a like product with the variable range of prices. and could be also worth giving a try. So cheer up everyone and enjoy the summer with taste and comfort in a fashionable way.

Though I still think how much my personality could be changed with a pair of Gucci. Yep, the effect makes me think again and lures me towards making a good investment for personal grooming. That’s it from me now; hope to see you soon with my new research.

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