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If you are living in big cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or any other cities in any corner of the world; you definitely need to know these simple tricks and tips to improve the way of living. The increasing cost of living in these big cities and maintaining the standard of living is really a difficult task. To cope with this problem we are going to learn a few very simple tips that can really turn things around in a positive way.
If you are looking for a solution to this problem then you’ve just found the right place. You would be amazed to know that the solution for this big issue is really very simple and it’s so simple that you would want to slap your self and ask why I didn’t think of this solution before. So without wasting any more precious time, let’s jump into the solution right now.

Green Living

The simple solution to this big problem is the way of green living. You never thought how green living is gonna make your life so much better and easier. How much difference this could bring to you is a question that you are gonna answer to yourself. If you go green you could save hundreds of thousands of your hard-earned dollars. By only turning off the power switch of your big fat T.V is gonna save you thousands of dollars in electricity bills. You do the math your self.
Now we are gonna discuss a few tips that could save you a lot in the direct and indirect way as well. Here are the simple tips that can make your life a lot easier than before; it’s a guarantee that if you apply these simple tips then you are making big difference in you and your family in a positive way.

Fuel efficient hybrid car

Get rid of the old gasoline car of yours and bring in a fuel efficient and more likely a hybrid car that will save thousands of dollars each year. The old gas driven cars are maybe a bit cheaper but the everyday fuel cost is huge. But if you are not in a position to get a new one then just make sure that your car is working properly and maintaining a good health of your car makes a big save. Trust me; I know what I am talking about.

Eat only organic food

This is the best way of going green. Organic food is the best choice for your family because organic food farmers don’t use any chemical fertilizers or pesticide to grow the food; making it the freshest. And with this organic food, you will be able to maintain a better health for you and your family. So that’s a huge cut in your medical bills. Research shows that organic food keeps you healthier than any other food. So make a habit of eating organic food.


Recycling is another very effective way to save energy and money. Recycled products are cheaper than the new products, so make it a habit. You would be amazed knowing this that by only using recycled products you could save a fortune for you and your family.

Energy saving electrical products

Using energy saving electrical products is really effective and this is another way of saving the big bucks from your wallet. If you are using backdated refrigerator or appliances just get rid of them and buy new ones. Initially this will seem expensive but in the long run, this can save you a lot. Simply using energy saving lights can make a huge difference.

Cycling and Walking

Grow the habit of cycling and walking, this keeps you healthier and saves fuel expenses. Healthy means less medical bills and better living. Use cycle as your neighbourhood friend and walk whenever and where ever you can. Try to use Subway (metro) rather than cars, and when using the car maintain a steady speed. Turn off the car if you are stopping for more than 30 seconds; igniting the car is more efficient than keeping it running.

Water purifier

Use water purifier for water rather than buying plastic bottles for drinking. Bottles are costly but purifying is pretty cheap. You can save a lot by just doing this.
In house Plants

In-house, plants works as the greatest air purifier and the best part are, you don’t have to pay for the maintenance or electricity. And an in-house plant gives more grinner views and makes good decoration pieces. More likely it could be a passive income source for you. Harvesting plants or seed even Bonsai is a greater choice for making some extra cash. And at last but not the least it could be your new hobby; if you feel like that.


I read somewhere that if you could bring down 1 degree in your thermostat then you could save 10 good damn percent in your electric bills. Just a single degree, can you imagine?

Use a laptop instead of desktop
If you are using a laptop instead of desktop you are saving 50% energy than you were previously using. Think about that, its simple math.
There are so many other ways to go, grinner, that it would take a Wikipedia to write them all (just kidding..).  Use your brain and invent the ways you could save.
You must be thinking how this is gonna help me. Well, think it this way if you save on your daily expenditure that means more money in your wallet to spend and that leaves you in a better position. Just making a few simple changes can make a huge difference in your life as well as in your family’s life. If you are aware of the greenhouse effect and the impact that is going to have on our future as well as our children’s future then you should change your thought and go, grinner.
This way you will be contributing a little back to our home called “Earth”. No matter where or which country you live in, you should contribute at least something in exchange for the things you’ve got from planet Earth.

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