Completely transformed looks Eye wears for 2011

A part of fashion accessory which can completely transform the look of a person is eyewear. With a little help of eyewear and a little fashion sense any one could be transformed from a nerd to some thing like smart. So there is no way that any one could ignore the importance of eyewear. Whether it’s goggles or prescription specs or even contact lenses picking up the right combination with your physic is very important and tricky some times. But picking up the right spec is not the only important thing; you have to consider the current fashion trends for the season. For considering the current trend and looking updated all the time you have to know the current trends. So here I am once again as promised; sharing the knowledge I acquired during my little research. Yes you guessed it right, today we are going to explore the eyewear trends for summer 2011. What a year it is, after the royal wedding ceremony the essence of love and commitment is spreading in the air; it’s time to get up and look for the love in your life. And with style and fashion it becomes a little bit easy to attract more sex in your life.

No matter if you are a guy or a woman it’s always difficult to find a normal relationship with well groomed personality. It’s everyone’s fantasy to be with a good fashionable person, if you have a good person in your relationship it’s not difficult to transform him or her with good fashion advice into a fashionable person. But that’s not our topic today, so without any more bs lets dig deep in to our topic. Summer is bright, sunny and hot. We love sunny days but our eyes don’t like the bright sun as we do. Our eyes hurt in bright sun so to protect our eyes from hurting, we use goggles. It’s important to look after our eyes because it’s the most important input device of human being. It’s almost summer so it’s time to bring out the sunglasses from it’s box, clean it up and start using it regularly. In the eyewear fashion trend this year is the mixed influenced year from 1950’s to 1980’s, blended in modern edges and curves combined with improved technology.

This summer we have a vivid range of choices in both sunglasses and prescription specs. Bold square and big round frames are dominating the market now. Cat’s eye styles are also gaining popularity along with metal frame, rimless and semi rimless frames. Bold black glasses is combining with various style frames are more popular this year. But amongst all styles the round shapes are the most popular this year in general category. As a lot of stars wearing the larger bold frames in this years Grammy night; it’s obvious to assume that it’s going to be the next trend this year. Well in eyewear fashion trend Ray Ban plays the most influential part. They are leading the market for the last seventy long years. So what is ray ban releasing this year in the market? The answer is ray ban has released a number of products this year with their new campaign Never Hide. Never Hides theme is making your self wide open and ready to rule your own life your way. But the most promising product range is Ray Ban’s Tech fiber collection. People gonna love this collection from the first look. I don’t know about others but I fell in love with this one at my first sight. Don’t tell my wife about it..ha-ha. It’s stunning look is going to make people crazy about it. Then we have Oakley in the next, Oakley released several ranges this season like Oakley Pit Bull Sunglasses and Oakley Holbrook collection and limited edition Indy 500 polarized PIT Boss sunglasses etc. Oakley is the leading sports wear marketer in US. So it’s collection for this season is definitely going to rule the industry. Then we have other designers like Karen Walker with the new collection like hearts UV sunglasses 2011 and  Rihana wearing it in public makes it popular in snap. Then there are Police in the Europe market to lead with their iconic ocean blue glasses in recent trend. Well for the prescription specs users it’s a bit different than the regular people. They use specs for everyday need both in days and night; but the question of fashion is still applicable. So for this kind of glasses fashion trend is pretty much the same in frames but in glasses they prefer the photosynthetic kind, with lesser weight and harder long durable material. Choosing the right combination totally depends on blending in your personality so try to choose carefully with latest releases only. For prescription specs Crizal is the most famous and efficient global brand. For eyewear fashion the theme stays almost the same in both men and women so it’s not difficult to separate from each other. All the renowned brands have their separate man and women collection range, so if you ever feel any difficulties then you can take the assistance of the well mannered and trained sales personals at these brand stores. There are many popular brands like Channel , Prada, Giorgio Armani, Carrera, Ralph Lauren, Gucci , CK, D&G , Varsace and many more. They all released their own range of collection with the current trend this year both in sunglasses and in prescription specs. So if you look around a bit this will be easy to pick up the current trend for this years eyewear fashion trend for your self. But what if you are not a big buck person then what is the solution for your fashion thirst? Well the answer is easy, look for the fashion trends at the big brands and brows the net for the look a like fake brand product. Wala we have our solution; easy hah. That’s all from me now. Hope this helped you to suit your need. Have a nice day.

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